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  Adrian Delgado
Kitchen Manager
Employed since 1998
    The 3 musketeers
Starring for lunch and dinner guests, 3 of our favorite people!
  Jose Cruz one of our prep cooks is hard at work to make every "show" a success!    

Servando Madrigal

always a smile on Servando's face! Servando is quick to serve fresh garlic rolls and takes excellent care of our Palazzio guests


Dagny Boxer

Lead model and one of our newest team members, her smile and sweetness never fail to bring brightness into your day (unless she has not been fed, in which case you are on your own!!)

    Jamie Freymuth
General Manager.  She runs Palazzio with style and grace. She is one of the nicest people you will ever meet.
  Jose Rodriquez
Kitchen Operations Supervisor.
Employed since 1993


Leo Cruz
Behind the scenes is our hardworking prep cook and dessert chef Leo with a big Palazzio smile

    Gabriel Cruz
Line cook and head prep chef. One of the nicest people there is! A bright smile and great sense of humor makes Gabriel shine.
  Julian Santa Maria
Julian is our Head Chef
    Salomon Gatica
Head Bussing Supervisor.
Employed since 2000
Salomon stars for our lunch time guests